Viviana Puello is the founder & Art Director of the ATIM and also the creator of the ATIM Online Broadcasting Channel and the "Art 2 Heart" Interviews. She directs the operations together with Executive Director Alan Grimandi and with the help of our fantastic team. Viviana is the person  who supervises the content of our magazine to make sure we meet our standards.  She also directs all marketing strategies with the help of our publicists, marketing managers, advertisers and social media managers. 
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Directed, Curated and Edited by Viviana Puello
Published by: Arttour International Publications Inc.
Art Direction: Alan Grimandi
Cover Design: Humberto Orozco Designs
Artist on the covers: Chris Dellorco - Front Cover
Julia Rabkin- Back Cover 
Guest Masters: Kurt Wenner, Fabian Perez, Dale Chihuly
Publication Date: May 2014 Worldwide
     Press release: Toscana T.V., Arttour International Magazine and Partners


No words can describe the privilege, honor and absolute joy of being in touch with so many wonderful creators! I believe artists to be divine creatures, worth all of our respect. 

This publication is not a list of artists or a collection of works thrown by accident into the pages of an art book; this publication is a celebration of love – or, better yet, in the words of the Colombian master, Belarmino Miranda: “Solo amor y arte” – “just love and art.” 

 This is a celebration of years of work and dedication in the lives of a group of individuals that have turned their passion into their careers.  Beyond beauty, aesthetics and techniques - beyond any illusionary perfection - lies their reality. It is not perfection that causes the meeting between creation and creator, nor our trivial, egotistical pursuit to do better than one another; something amazing happens when the creator gives himself over completely and surrenders to love, the painter becoming one with the canvas, the sculptors fusing with the stone. Art happens when the artist lets the masterpiece reveal itself. Then there is the fusion of the two, with no one leading - just two becoming one, just love and art in a vast universe.  That is how masters work and how masterpieces are created, more often than not; the masterpiece outlives the master and remains as a testament to the miracle that once took place, when creation brought to life a creator and when the creator produced what the world considers a precious gift.

“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived . . . ”
                                                                                                          1 Co.2:9



A children book published by Viviana in 2010 with a message of self-acceptance and love.